Our Story

At Kick’n Bakery we believe in using a variety of nut, bean, and other gluten free grain flours for greater nutrition, texture, and flavor. We use as many organic ingredients as possible and our baked goods are a great source of protein, fiber, omega-3 & omega-6. Our products are also lower in sugar and contain several natural sweeteners such as honey.

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a delicious cookie, muffin, or cupcake so many of our recipes can be customized to be egg free, dairy free, peanut free or tree nut free.

Charity has had the baking bug most of her life. From the first time she baked with her mother, and her first experiments with her sister’s easy bake oven, to her running home after school to bake a cake from scratch or make a giant “cowpie” cookie.

Times have not changed. Just as she never let her experiments gone wrong stop her, she hasn’t let being a celiac stop her from baking. She loves to bake with her young celiac son & her non-celiac husband.

Charity Echols
Owner, Baker, Sales

Steve Echols
Quality Assurance, Marketing, Technology